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Our Officers

Every good service organization depends on having dedicated members and leaders who are willing to give of their personal time not only to the organization's civic causes, but to the betterment of the organization.  The Officers of the Sunrise Rotary Club are elected for a period of one year.  Aspiring Club leaders attend a weekend "boot camp" where they learn more about what Rotary is, and how each Club fits into the greater good.

Andy Stewart.jpg
Andy Stewart

Andy & his wife, Fayette, have been members for 3 years having moved here from Missouri to be closer to family.  One of Andy's passions, which he worked on while a Roatarian in Missouri, is ShelterBox USA.  He's also one heck of a square dancer.


Chris Tsien


Chris is a retired Howard County lawyer.  An avid bicylist, he knows everybody in the county.

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